About me - Tom Butterworth


I pay my respect to the traditional custodians of the land which I work and play. To the Gargial land where my studio and home is set upon to the greater area of the Guringai land. I'm deeply grateful for this beautiful material which I am lucky enough to sculpt, bringing new life to each piece of stone. As my connection to the land deepens so does my practise and from the core of my heart I truly want to do this land proud and move with respect and love.

Fusing my love for craftsmanship, Australia's natural landscape, creativity and beauty this combination allows me to create one of a kind handmade pieces from upcycled Australian sandstone.

Onestone came to light when I witnessed a piece on sandstone break open, not only did the natural beauty of the stone capture my attention but the deep age of the stone lite up my imagination!

The sandstone which my practise uses is classified as 'Hawkesbury Sandstone' this stone is the foundation of Sydney Basin area with Geologist finding it to be part of the Triassic epoch which lasted from 247.2 million years ago until 242 million years ago. These dates certianly make me feel very small but my pieces very large, holding energy which no other material in your interior holds, you can feel the synergy between the native florals and the stone when it's installed in your space.

These pieces are made to stand lifetimes and to be past down through generations, made with patience, made with my hands and made with love.

Continue to love all,

Tom x